Stockholm Syndrome

She was Night Watch Woman, trained as a nanny

He was a Mad Man, because he was wise

We are restive, we see the demise

F.D. spoke to Truth, “Power concedes nothing without demand”

H.T. lived in the Lion’s Paw, found the promise land

Still waiting to celebrate the 4th of July

Her name was Moses, the Northstar was her guiding light

His Northstar brought news of oppression and stories of grievous wrongs

Ours is the Star Spangled Banner, but we have not forgotten their songs

Captive to the cable “News” cycle, held by a slogan:

Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness

Celebrating another 4th of July

Patina enshrouds the parades of those marching in blue

She Protected and Served 19 times, Hers was a helping hand

He spoke with no wrath or fury, through the streams that inundate the land

Yours should be free from tyranny, yet NINE minutes later still on bended knee

His-Story we watch in repetition, as the Overseers march down Main Street

Celebrating this 4th of July

Suzys in the kitchen, Bob’s grilling out back

The kids are playing in the cul-de-sac, throwing “Pop Its” at Peggy Sue

HOA has flags lining the street Red, White, and Blue

Saluting to Uncle Sam’s endless wars

“It’s a Wonder Life” if you’re Capitalist

Celebrating your 4th of July

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