Marketing Perspective

Do you follow any influencers? After looking at my own social media habits and then my own recent purchases I have a few thoughts on what I found.

Image care of Tribe Influencers

The first thing I noticed about my own interaction with Social Influencer Marketing is the talented people who become influential in our lives. The role of the influencer has become more important than ever. Marketing agencies are directing more and more revenue towards capitalizing on potential customers who are being entertained and influence in a new way than the classic tv format. As a kid Saturday morning cartoons had a similar involvement in my life. G.I. Joe with the Kung Fu grip has been replaced with Keeping Your Daydream mobile home influencers on YouTube. When planning for a big trip to Africa, all of the equipment I purchased had been reviewed by YouTube channels I followed.

So what are the strategies the companies are employing? The ones that I believe are getting it right are doing two things. Investing in the growth of upcoming channels by providing them access and content to their products. Sometimes this is samples but more often than not it’s engaging with the influencers platform and helping to give them better knowledge about the companies brand.

Secondly, make sure your talking to the right influencers. If you have a value brand then it would be a waste of time and money to reach out to a luxury influencer. Just as when your marketing to potential customers it’s important to appeal to the right market.

This kind of marketing perspective impacts the relationship between the company and the consumer by insuring the best products and best reviews make it to the top.

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