Effectively Impacting The Consumer

A bad experience it’s a chance for a great experience!

The Tale of the Tiger: Customer Service done correctly meets the needs and the wants of the targeted audience. In this case Tampa International Airport saw the opportunity to not only meet the needs of their direct audience, a Mom and her little boy, but expand their audience to viewers all over the world. This was done successfully by first responding to their customer, then looking internally for a solution, and finally highlighting the success of their customer care givers.

The consumer experience was addressed by the individual within the airport who gave the initial care by going above and beyond the call of duty and creating a positive lasting memory for the mom and her son. Taking a negative situation and turning it into a positive memory. The success of the experience goes beyond a child getting back a lost stuffed tiger. Tampa International Airport awareness of their employees excellent customer service is the real success. Using different social media platforms and submitting the story for a Shorty Award shows the commitment at all levels of the organization to their customers.

What could have easily been an isolated success story turned into a full digital media campaign and what’s even better is the grass roots support the campaign received. Frequent Travelers through the airport sharing their own stories of excellent customer service. The followers of their social media took the time to reinforce the accolades the Airport was bestowing on its own staff.

So what could have been different? Well, a successful digital campaign is the perfect opportunity to create physical results. A licensed book deal for the customer care person linked to a scholarship for the child. T-shirts linked to Zoo or Tiger conservation groups could turn the story of the moment into a long term impact for all involved.

That’s not to say Tampa International Airport hasn’t continued there digital media campaigns. A quick look at their Instagram feed and you will see relevant and engaging post urging customers to travel the best way possible for all involved. TIA’s ethical engagements in social media are helping create an atmosphere of a friendly place to start your travel by informing travelers of the rules and regulations in s fun and lighthearted way.

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